Monday, 30 December 2013

Happy New Year Baby!

The end of year post, a time for reflection and looking towards 2014 with hope and expectations for the future.

The year is ending on something of a high for The Summats, All I Want Is Christmas - Single  had another awesome festive season, the views racking up on YouTube and the song continues to sell well across the world. People have been very kind with their comments and appreciation and seem to love this song more every year for which we are very grateful. DJ Dave Monks from BBC radio Merseyside also played it on the 21st December, our first BBC airplay, to say we were delighted would a huge understatement!
Our new festive track,  Happy New Year Baby  is also performing wonderfully, the single is selling really well across the globe with downloads coming from the UK and all the way across to Australia and the United States, we have high hopes for new years eve!

The song features Sam and Becky on the vocals and was produced by John Kettle at Jaraf House studios in Wigan. John was formerly the driving force behind Wigan band The Tansads, he is now a member and primary songwriter for the excellent Merry Hell, check out his work, you won't regret it.

We were very humbled when Damian Cummings from Segal Gardens, Berry Bridge & Oakwood - HWCGS Care contacted us to enquire if he may use "Happy New Year Baby' as a backing track for his festive video, we were delighted to be included, you can check out the vid here Segal Gardens.

 Our special thanks also go to Sammi Walsh at SJW Photos. Sammi along with her best friend and able assistant Amy held a Summats photoshoot in December, see left. One of Sammi's shots was also chosen as the cover for Happy New Year Baby.

Sammi is a extremely
talented photographer, who primarily specialises in music pics but can turn her hand to just about any other genre. We are hoping to work with her again for a new single early next year for which she will also be helping us out with the video.
Check out her site and drop her a mail if you would like to work with this amazingly talented young lady.

We would also like to thank each and every one of you for your support throughout this year, we appreciate you all and we certainly hope we have entertained you along the way.

Take care, keep smiling and may we take this opportunity to wish everyone a very safe, healthy and Happy New Year Baby!