Tuesday, 22 May 2012

In the studio

So we're back in the studio, working a new single, which may become the first track of an EP, or the first track of an album! Who knows, whatever way it turns out, its good to be finally producing some music again. The primary holdup has been my move from Australia back to the UK last year, takes longer than you would imagine to get yourself settled, with all your stuff around you and in the frame of mind to create!

We have a heap of tunes in demo state, finishing them is the problem! The track we are currently working on is called 'Second Hand Store', originally written about two years ago, as you can tell, we dont work quickly! In fact, since we wrote this track, Libya has had a revolution, Qatar have been awarded a soccer World Cup and I moved back to the Northern hemsphere! Almost at final mix stage, will let you know when its out there.

Very sad news to hear of the death of Robin Gibb. For anyone who may think that the Bee Gees were all teeth and big hair, should check out what brilliant songwriters the brothers were, producing hits for both themselves & countless other artists across five decades. One of the finest musical talents Britain has ever produced, he will be sadly missed.

Logged into our band account this morning & lo and behold, some new royalties had arrived... this is from a new source called iTunes match, apparently a royalty payment is due when our tracks are played through someones itunes match account. Although a small payment, this was unexpected and much appreciated, also another example of how Tunecore & iTunes are helping independant musicians to get their music heard and ensure royalties are forthcoming when they do. Well done guys, now if only PRSformusic was so efficient!

I have a particular guitar melody, written about 15 years ago, which refuses to leave my brain! Its one of those tracks that I always play whenever I pickup the guitar. I'm finally going to get around to writing a lyric for it, it's amazing how a tune can just stay in your head, hanging around like it owns the place until you get around to finishing it! Its a lovely melody  and really does deserve a good lyric, like a little orphan, its just waiting for someone to love it, will let you know when I've finally finished it.

In December this year we'll be paying a visit to Manchester Apollo, along with our significant others, to see Squeeze, one of our all time favourite bands, and if that wasnt enough, they will be supported by Paul Heaton, ex of The Housemartins & The Beautiful South, more recently solo star and landlord of the Kings Arms pub in Salford!. Saw The Beautiful South at GMex in Manchester during the heady days of their success in the 1990's, never seen Squeeze though and excited doesnt even begin to cover it! They delivered a huge chunk of the soundtrack to our youth! So big night at the Apollo followed by a some appropriate refreshments in the city coming up, good times!

Check out the new video on Youtube which was filmed in Kent during winter 2011, the song was originally written in 2009 and was actually the first track we worked on after getting back together to write some new stuff after a gap of twenty years!. It was released as part of the 'May Street Bridge' EP in March 2011, still one of my favourite songs of ours, hope you like it. Until next time, take care & keep smiling :)